January 31st, 2015
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New DentX Model 810 Basic Automatic Dental Film Processor

Part #: 31-0001-00

Price: $5495.00

This product may take up to 5 business days to ship.

New DentX Model 810 Basic Automatic Dental Film Processor. Known For Dependability, DentX Automatic Film Processors Deliver The Highest Quality Xray Images In The Industry. Their Dependability And Their Popularity Are A Direct Result Of Their Simplicity. Simple In Design, Simple To Use, And Simple To Maintain. 810 Series Processor Specifications Are As Follows: Processing Time: Dry Films In Four Point Five Minutes, Endo Wet Readings In Two Minutes. Six Minute Mode For Warm Up And Special Applications. Film Sizes: All Intraoral And Extraoral Film Sizes Up To Eight Inch Maximum Width. Plumbing Requirements: Open Cup Type Drain And Standard Garden Hose Faucet With External Threading Processors Female Hose Fitting Connects Easily To Permanent Plumbing. Unit Dimensions: Thirty Point Five Inches Long x Seventeen Point Five Inches Wide x Fourteen Point Five Inches High. Power Requirements: 115VAC, 6 Amp Max. Tank Capacity: Developer And Fixer Solution Trays Hold Three Quarts Each. Price Reflects New Processor Not Refurbished. Please Allow 10 Business Days For Delivery. Thank You.


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